Happy Moments

I sit here this morning. I’m looking forward to our 30 day Happiness Event and I’m thinking about all the images, articles, and art I’ve seen in the last two days about happiness.

Many of them focus on key phrases like 


And even one that made me happy (absolutely no pun here) to see.

There are many different definitions to exactly what happiness is. Never once have I seen anywhere else what happiness isn’t. So I’d like to take a second to talk about that aspect.

Happiness isn’t judged. It’s not paraded around a ring to be awarded points. It’s just there. It’s something uniquely individual to the emotions invoked in each unique individual.

Happiness isn’t size. Happy doesn’t care is you are tall or short, heavy or thin. It doesn’t care how you are externally.

Happiness isn’t controlled. No one can tell you when to be happy and when you can’t. It’s yours. All yours to seek, find and keep. If you aren’t happy, you’ve stopped looking for it.

Happiness isn’t about rights or wrongs. If it feels right and makes you smile, laugh or feel content, then seek it. If it sucks that laughter away, turns the smile upside down or makes you feel edgy, it’s not making you happy.

Happiness isn’t more money. Sure more money can buy anything you want but can it give you what you really need to fill your face full of smiles and your heart full of laughter?

Happiness isn’t a magic potion, pill or quick fix thing. Happiness, true happiness, is found in moments. 

Moments talking with your BFF, laughing over silly things. It’s found in a baby’s first laugh, their first steps, their first everything. Holding hands with one you love. Jokes. It’s having a job you love. It’s inspiring and empowering others. It’s helping those in need. It’s in meeting a goal you’ve been working on and finishing your first 5k. It’s in the tears shed as you drop off your child at school the first time and years later at college. It’s about warm blankets in winter. The smell of warm sugar cookies. The heat in a cup of coffee. It’s in a family photo. It’s hidden within the pages of books.

Happiness is every where, in everything. It’s just up to the individual to decide the moments, the feelings and the pure joy of each.

What do you think? Which moments bring you the most joy, happiness and peace? 

It’s said that to find true success, you have to be happy first! Why not bring a little excitement back into your life? Join us for the 30 day challenge! You have nothing to lose in the few minutes a day it will take and only more happiness to gain.

The challenge is a personal one set up with a support group to help you along. Again, there is no right or wrong. It’s all about YOU and your happiness!


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