Whisked Eggs

There are some days that just have so many bad moments that I feel like I’ve beat beaten. Like someone is preparing to make scrambled eggs with my life and I’m at the stage of being just the whisked eggs in a bowl.

Here’s a new perspective: I started as an egg. Someone cracked my shell. Spun me around a few times, distorting me from my original state not once now but twice. What’s the next step? 

The frying pan or oven! Well crap!

When all is said and done, once I’m flavored with a little salt and pepper, maybe a little grated cheese or other toppings… Doesn’t that make me a better product for the tastebuds than my original raw, shelled version?

I know that hard days are really difficult. As a farm girl, battler of MS, survivor of abuse and more, I know all about bad days. There’s days I fall down (literally) 100 times and although it’s a struggle, I always get back up.

Why don’t we give up? Let’s take a look at our history. Back before evolution and our species was hunter/gatherers, each individual HAD to fight beast and nature to survive. Somewhere in there, during evolution, the genetic predisposition for a warrior gene emerges.

Today, how we define and utilize that warrior gene is much different and applied to different aspects. Today we call it determination. We fall down a 1,000 times and we stand back up 1,000.

How are we different than our hunter/gatherer ancestors? We have a greater knowledge of happiness and acceptance to change. We are better equipped to handle the mental challenges. We have counsellors, advisors, therapists and a higher intellect than ever before in known history.

What do you do if you fall down? I always answer it depends on how I land as to the sequences of events but ultimately the end result is ALWAYS the same! I stand back up. Sometimes there is support and other times there isn’t. Sometimes I sit and cry first. Sometimes I have to crawl to find something to grab onto. It doesn’t matter the time frame between landing face down on the ground to standing upright, I still get back up.

When days are bad and you feel beat up, just look at each issue as a stumble.

The coffee pot broke, stumble. But you didn’t get hurt and you are still kicking. The dog chewed apart your brand new sneaker, stumble. It was a waste of money for you but your dog has her favorite new chew toy and you see that your dog has depression anxiety issues because she loves you THAT much.

The list could go on and on. You are all smart and get my point by now. Bad times can either stay bad or end good. It’s all about our personal perspective and our warrior spirits at the end.

I’m going to go throw myself in the frying pan now. I’m ready to get this party started with all these new added ingredients. I think I’ll aspire to become an omelet so I get more tasty goodies!

Where’s the person who just became orange juice? Bread? Jelly? 

We all go through changes. It’s up to you whether you rot and become compost (can still be a positive end result if you need to start a new life away from your current situation) or become something new and improved!

Little side note: Sap from maple trees can be very bitter. With the right kind of attention, love and a little heat it transforms into Maple Syrup. It all depends on how it’s handled. Be aware of how you handle yourself and how others treat you.

Just some “food for thought”… Now who’s ready for pancakes and eggs?

We are all diamonds in the rough. This blob of stone:

That when cut and polished turns into a precious stone:

It’s all about perspective and how YOU see yourself!


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