Warm and Fuzzy

Isn’t that something we all want to feel all the time? As an emotion, warm and fuzzy means we are happy and content.

Why do we use those expressions for those emotions? I think it leans toward our obsession with comfort. 

Our topic in the 30 days of Happiness event is “What piece of clothing makes you happy?”

I have a young lady by the name of Autumn that can give me the fastest answer in this one! For years and years, she has adored her grandmothers carigan sweater. It’s old, with wear in the pockets and bits unraveling. It’s been worn for many, many years. Today, Autumn wears it with pride. She envelopes herself inside of it and curls it around her body like a gentle hug.

I never thought too much prior to her getting the sweater about that one piece of clothing we admire or wish we had. Is it sentimentality or something deeper?

It got me thinking about my own grans blankets that she had crocheted or the quilts she painstakingly hand stitched. I get all those fascinations and the desires to feel the love as I wrap up inside one.

But clothing? 

As I sat thinking about this topic, in prepping for the event, I started thinking about memories that certain articles brought back to me. Shorts shopping with my son at a thrift store, shoe shopping and meeting with a dear friend, and that sweatshirt I stole from a long lost love that I can’t bear to get rid of.

As I stood before my closet of clothes, I began to realize a connection. Not a connection of looking good in one piece over another but the memories held within each.

That light green dress worn to a Christmas party and the antics that ensued. That turtleneck that’s now thread bare and funky shaped with arms half again longer than they should be that’s been there to keep me warm through chores, snowmobiles rides, nights power went out and sledding with my kids. That super soft cashmere sweater that I bought as a treat for myself because it made me feel feminine and the gentle caress on the sleeve by my five year old son that used to say it was like petting a soft bunny.

Maybe for others it’s a commemorative shirt, full of signatures from a special event.

And here you thought those old favorite clothes were hanging out in that closet or drawer because they were comfortable! Go look again, I know there’s one piece in there full of memories that when you really look, you realize the calm hidden happiness.

What is it? Is it just one or many pieces?


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