Lessons learned on Raceday

While most of us are spending lazy days on Sunday’s, there is a collective group that calls it a work day.

That group is involved in racing. Hundred upon hundreds of people work these events we all watch in leisure.

Hidden within the televised events are some really good life lessons. Sort of hit me today while listening in on one of the driver’s radios.

The crew chief noticed that once the driver calmed down, he ran faster laps. When the comment was made directly to the driver, the response was it was all about clean air.

A little side note is that this driver didn’t pit on the last caution, so he was running on old tires too.

Where’s the lesson? Well, let’s break it down. It’s all about components that build a whole. New sneakers would have helped with greater comfort and made a little speed. A bad attitude alters ability. And lastly, a little bit of fresh air changes performance.

In racing, it’s all about team work. The driver must work with his crew, but also the car and maintain a calm mental status. The elites still have struggles with the issues. 

The issues demonstrated under the unique aspect of seeing the inside world of racing, just demonstrates that we all face issues under pressure and how we react impacts our performance. Our team is crucial to helping us make appropriate decisions and keep our mentality in check.

If you had to pick team members in relation to your life, who would you assign to the positions needed?

In NASCAR, you have six guys over the wall. Six guys that keep your sneakers going and your car the best it can be. You have a crew chief that helps you with the set up and keeps you focused on the future. You also have a spotter that keeps you from wrecking out.

You are the driver. Each of these positions keeps propelling you forward or backwards. Just as in these races, each member is crucial to what happens. You can’t do what you need to do alone or without a single one of those members. 

Top performing teams have the best working crew that’s uniquely performing to match together. The better they work together, the greater the end result.

What’s your strategy to earn championship status? Remember, their schedules are 38 weeks and it resets every year!